Dreaming of Gold Bullion

07/06/2013 17:15

My obsession with gold bullion is now infiltrating my dreams. Last night I dreamt of stacks of gold coins, 1 oz gold bars and even stacks of metallic items that made me want to buy silver. While during daylight hours I ponder, think and scheme about ways to how to invest in gold my night visions are bursting at the seams with visions of gold and wealth. This got me wondering if my subconscious had some insight into my goal to amass precious metals and perhaps into my future in relation to gold and silver prices.

Okay, calm down, stop laughing at me. Even a gal who does not fear the rise of the living dead can still relish the imagination and the world of the unknown. Rumor has it that the art of dream interpretations date back to 5000 to 4000 BC; Wikipedia cites a cultural history linked to precious metals dating back to the Bronze Age circa the 4th millennium BC. The auspicious timing of the events have me thinking that dreaming of buying gold and silver was a popular pastime in those days of yore and now I am interested in seeing if my dreams are foreshadowing something awesome!
Dreaming of Gold and Silver
This day just became much easier to face as if my dreams of silver bullion and gold coins is a good omen. According to the finest dream interpretation sites the WWW has to offer, my life will be smooth sailing. The color of the gold bullion I had is symbolic of many traits including my personal sense of determination as well as some type of improvement in my surroundings, plus since I saw gold coins I have received the added perk of the symbolism for success and wealth. Silver is also golden in dreams as that hue stands for fair play, immaculacy and for providing a bit of protective juju, whew.
Fortunately for me I dreamt of the metals in a solid state, my night vision revealed stacks of Gold Eagles, Silver Eagles and solid forms of the metal ranging from 1 oz gold to silver proof coins in a variety of shapes, sizes and mints, all of which are excellent omens.  If my dreams were filled with gold dust, I may not be so chipper as that interpretation of the precious metal may be symbolic of regret and having made and horrible gaffe.
Gold and Silver Buying Reality
Sadly, the reality of my surroundings nowhere equal the splendor of wealth I experienced in my dreams. However, my dream state has helped reaffirm my personal commitment to buying gold and silver as a way to enhance my waking hours. Although I can rely on a positive dream to support my decision to buy gold and silver I have to use real life skills, planning and dedication to make it happen.
That means I now have to keep my eye on silver and gold prices, market updates (Merit Gold is a decent gold dealer I have found that sells gold and silver and accurate market update news) and make personal spending sacrifices in order to fund my long term silver investment and gold investment strategies . Step by step, I am fully committed to turning my dreams of gold bullion into my waking reality.