Are American Gold Coins Worth Buying?

08/05/2013 19:07

There are some beautiful American gold coins available – whether you are looking to expand (or start) a historical collection of American gold coins or are looking to purchase American gold coins to round out and diversify a portfolio – the question should not be if they are worth buying, but why are you buying them?


Some people choose to invest in gold – usually gold bullion (and there are American gold coins that are bullion grade, like the American Eagles) – as a way of hedging against fiscal uncertainty and political instability both nationally and internationally. That is a good reason to purchase American gold coins, now, given the current state of affairs.

American Eagle 1/4 oz obv 

Others buy American gold coins to add to their gold individual retirement accounts (IRAs) because only gold bullion coins minted in the United States are allowed in gold IRAs. The gold bullion coins, along with gold bullion bars, are both great ways of bolstering up one’s retirement investments.


And yet others decide to purchase American gold coins because of their value to collectors or because they are collectors who are looking to expand their collections. This includes the purchase of historic American gold coins and newly or recently-minted American gold coins, all of which have value beyond the gold that they contain. Examples of these coins include the American Gold Eagles, the American Gold Buffalos, The American Indians, The American Liberty, and the annual special collections put out by the U.S. mint.


                                    American Gold buffalos


So why buy gold at all? According to Coin News Today (,  looking at the falling dollar and falling currencies around the world, gold “has beaten all the major currencies in which it is traded around the world.” The article as states that, “Nationally, sales of U.S. American Eagle gold bullion coins soared in November … in November of 2012, Americans bought 131,000 ounces of Gold Eagles.” So, in short, everyone is looking to buy gold and many are buying American gold coins, especially the American Eagle gold bullion coins. This is another reason why buying American gold coins is an excellent idea: gold is in demand by other savvy, experienced investors.


When it comes to secure investments, gold cannot be beat, having proven its worth in times of recession and during tumultuous fiscal events. American gold coins are an excellent investment and they are great for collectors, as well.