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Gold Bullion is on the Rise

05/07/2013 17:34
  For centuries, man has valued gold. It’s led some to discover new worlds, and others to enjoy incredible luxury. In recent years, when other markets have proven to be extremely volatile, gold bullion has been the remarkable exception, not simply holding its value, but breaking records as...

Dreaming of Gold Bullion

07/06/2013 17:15
My obsession with gold bullion is now infiltrating my dreams. Last night I dreamt of stacks of gold coins, 1 oz gold bars and even stacks of metallic items that made me want to buy silver. While during daylight hours I ponder, think and scheme about ways to how to invest in gold my night visions...

Where the Money Is: Precious Metals

24/05/2013 17:16
  As they say in the movies - follow the money. If you follow the money of precious metal’s investors it often leads to gold. Although other precious metals like silver and platinum are also good choices that have paid off for many, gold is, in the opinions of many analysts, the king of...

Why Old Silver Coins are Worth More

16/05/2013 16:56
Do you have a phobia? If so, you are not alone. Personally, I think clowns are the creepiest thing on earth. Actor Billy Bob Thorton fears old furniture. No matter if you are terrified of elbows or heights, the feeling is the same. However in regards to those who are scared of old silver coins, you...

Are American Gold Coins Worth Buying?

08/05/2013 19:07
There are some beautiful American gold coins available – whether you are looking to expand (or start) a historical collection of American gold coins or are looking to purchase American gold coins to round out and diversify a portfolio – the question should not be if they are worth buying, but why...

Should I Be Thinking About Gold as an Investment?

18/04/2013 17:33
I’ve been thinking, recently, about my retirement strategy: I have a 401(K), of course, and I do own some stocks – though they aren’t performing that well – but I want something more stable, something that I know will hold its value over the long term. And I keep coming back to thinking about gold...
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